The four Dada Gurus and their Dadabaris
Only Four ancient Acharya’s of Khartar Gaccha were adorned with special title of Dada Guru.

Since the origin of Jain Swetamber Khartargaccha Sect, many learned Acharya and Gurus existed in the previous ages and centuries. Amongst them, only four who were found supermost in all respects by the genious scholars of Khartargaccha community, were adorned with the name of Dada Guru Dev. The memorable Monuments and Samadhi Sthals built at the places of their cremation or darshan are popularly called as Dadabaries through out India. A brief detail of those four main Dada Gurus and their Dadabaries are given below in the chronological order :-



Time Duration

Name of Place

Day & Date of V.S.

Phone No.

Dada Guru Khartargaccha Charya Yug Pradhan Shri Jindutta Suri ji
1075 CE to 1154 CE (Christian Era)
Samadhi Sthal, Dada Bari, Ajmer
Ashad Shukla Ekadashi
DadaGuru Khartargaccha Charya Manidhari Shri Chandra Suri ji 1140 CE to 1166 CE Samadhi Sthal Mahroli, Delhi Bhadava Sudi Saptami 011-26644941
Dada Guru Khartargaccha Charya Shri Jin Kusal Suri ji 1280 CE to 1332 CE Darshan Sthal Malpura, Tonk Darshan Sthal Brahmser, Jaiselmer, Death place Deraur in Pakistan Falgun Krishna Amawasya 01437-226243, 02992-240484
Dada Guru Khartargaccha Charya Akbarpratibodhak Shri Jin Chandra Suri ji 1075 CE to 1154 CE Swarg Sthal, Bilara, Jodhpur Asoj Krishna Dooj 2930-222676

Besides these above mentioned main Dada baries the followers and worshippers built hundreds of Dadabaries in the Gurudev’s name at innumerable villages, towns and big metropolitan cities of India with the foot print (Chanrans) and statues of any of these four Dada guru dev to be worshiped by their countless followers with faith and devotion.
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